Hello world from a Pinterest addict!


So……This is my first post on my new Blog.  

I started this blog really as a way of keeping track of all the thing I have tried on Pinterest.  I first started ‘Pinning’ a couple of months ago.  At first I thought it would be a great way of keeping track of all my recipes that were not from the Martha Stewart website. But then I realised it was a whole lot more.  Most of the program for my After School Care service now come from Pinterest, there is even boards that are accessed by 4 or 5 different people I work with so we don’t have to re-pin each others pins. It has even got to the point where my entire Halloween and Christmas cooking and craft programs are 90% from Pinterest.  And now it’s not just even at school that I am using the ideas! At home everywhere now are ideas from Pinterst put into practice.  I have even converted my Mum into a ‘pinner’ (we are both a little obsessed!)

So just an idea of some things that I have tried so far from my ‘pinning’ adventures.  The very first pin I tried was organising my make-up brushes to stand up in a container so they weren’t everywhere in my make-up draw, which is good because they cost a lot of money! My mother and I have both recently re-organized our fridges with tips and hints from pins we have found. My siblings and I have been threatened with have a crap basket system established for all our mail that get delivered at home as well as other bits and pieces that we leave lying around there. 

Apart from practical  ideas for around the house there are also recipes galore that I have tried, with varying success (but mainly always amazing and including one for dinner tonight.)

Well that’s all I have for now, time for a Diet Coke (another addiction) and some actual work!


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