Pinterest is so distracting


So I am trying to finish my FINAL paper for my post-grad in Early Childhood.  But procrastination has taken over, I have read 2/3 of  research paper (which I need to find and read a lot more of…oh well) so I figured as a mini break I would grant myself permission to make a post.

I have been on the look out for a good special on-line for a pair of Hunter boots for the summer.  Mainly so I don’t get wet and muddy feet when I’m walking from the house to the car and then from the car into work (and maybe even around the playground if I’m feeling adventurous!).  So I have seen a few DIY for boot socks with lace  attached at the top which are here at Oops, I Craft my Pants, which I am super keen to do, but I came across a pattern for a crocheted boot cuff while I was loitering around on Google that looked like the ones I found on Pinterest.  I have only ever crocheted the tiniest bit when I was younger, maybe as little as 3/4 of a Granny Square.  So I have conned my Mum into teaching (and helping) me to do these cuffs.  It has started off pretty well (welllllllll sort of).  I got the gist of the stitched that I would need to know and gave them a bit of a practice and then was let loose with the hook and wool.  I had gotten the start of the cuff half way around  my calf when I was looking at it and noticed that half way through there was shall we say a ‘change in the width’.  Basically i had stuffed up half way through and had too few stitches and had to pull half of it out to redo it with the right amount of stitches.

So I was like “whatever, I just beginning to know how to do it, I’ll get over it”.  So I restarted it and was doing pretty well.  Then when I was almost back to the same length I was before the hiccup, I was looking at it again.  Low and behold, I had done it again. REALLY! AGAIN! YES AGAIN! 😦

So once again I saw the cuff unravel before my eyes to fix the mistake.  Needless to say I stopped a little later that night.  Not the whole project, but I figured I am too tired with work, meetings, organizing and looking after nearly 45-50 kids an afternoon, plus trying to think about this assignment.  So after it is due and I have handed it in (Monday 11:55pm) I can start my little project again.  I will put some photos up when I have actually made progress.

Well back to my paper I guess 😦


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