So it has been a little bit since I have done a post, but I promise its for a good reason! I have been talking about this assignment I had due in the last couple of posts I made…

WELL………..it FINALLY finished!

Last monday I finished my last paper for my PostGrad Degree in Early Childhood.  It is so exciting to finally have it finished! I am thinking about what I will do next whether I do my Masters, which is an extention of this PostGrad degree or whether I do something with Business Management, which is kinda my job…so many things to think about…

But anyways…my recent Pinteresting experiences…

Since Halloween has been and gone since I last wrote, I will tell you about some of the things that I did with the kids at school.  We ahd a whole week of Halloween art and craft.  We made witches (not exactly like our but was instiration), Frankensteins, Spiders, Spider hats.  It was amazing and the kids LOVED it!

The kids weren’t the only ones to have a bit of fun with Halloween and I got right into the spirit.  I carved my 3rd Halloween pumpkin and I think it looked pretty good…but my food item this year (bc I always have to make a Halloween treat) were sugar cookies with royal icing pictures.  The idea for the patterns came from here in LilaLoa.  I went looking for a royal icing recipe and came across Glorious Treats.  On this blog I came across a sugar cookie recipe too which is the one I ended up using.  The tips that are on there for decorating Chevron Pumpkin Cookies came in handy too when I started decorating them.  I decided to pick the purple monsters and the pumkins…well after all it was Halloween.  I think the end result was amazing and all the family LOVED them (which is the most important part!).

Apart from this Halloween stuff I have also been finishing off my Boot Cuffs, and even my Mum is tring some of her Pinterest recipes for dinner…which have all been outstanding too!

This has been a bit of a long post and I hear coffee calling my name, the headache is beginning….and I need to sort out my new Mac! WOOHOO!


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