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Ringing in the New Year


So while this New Years Eve won’t find me watching the ball drop in Times Square (which I would dearly love to do), or partying up a storm in the CBD of my amazing town, or even just going to watch the fireworks over the river, it will find me creating a pinterest inspired craft/New Years resolution.

Speaking of resolutions….My sister gave a great idea when she told me hers.  Most people make resolutions that revolve around losing weight, working out more, drinking less, shopping/spending less blah blah blah.  While these are all great resolutions, they are not really me (or my sister for that fact).  My sister has decided that something she resolves to do in 2013 is to be more decisive, which is something that I am rubbish at as well (must run in the family).  I think that next year I should try to be more decisive, keep my office tidier, and try to blog at least every day about my travels through Pinterest.

So back to my NYE inspired Pinterest creation!

I have made a Memories Jar for 2013.  I have seen a few around, but I think that this website has the best instructions and ideas.  I like the idea of using tags, and the fact that the jar they have used is big enough to put the pencil in, but I can deal with that.

So I grabbed this Moccona jar (its sooo handy to have a stash of them around the house) and took the label off and cleaned the left over label gunk off it.

Beginning Photo

Pretty clean jar

So now for stage 2.

I bought some stickers and transfers from the discount store to put on.  I went for some glittery numbers and some lace looking transfers.  I put 2013 in the middle, as you would expect, and then 2 stripes of the lace transfers around the top and the bottom.  I think it came out looking not too bad, if I do say so myself!  Here is a picture of the stickers and transfers as well as the final product.

Stickers and Transfers


I have a feeling that maybe I should start with the craziness that is our house for New Years Eve tonight.  Everyone has lost the plot!

So far so good (theoretically) for making a post everyday!  YAY me!


Merry Christmas = Merry Drinking


On Christmas Day I celebrated with my family at my sister’s house.  I served up my Egg Nog Monkey bread, that I mentioned in my previous post, for breakfast.  It went down a treat at the 10:30 coffee and present opening session which was the commencement of the family Christmas day.

After presents was Lunch Time!

This is really when the fun of the festivities begins.

My sister took care of all of the lunch food which was spectacular as per usual! And it wasn’t until lunch and then at dinner time when the pinterest recipes came out.

After lunch when everyone was a bit parched, I made a Stone Fruit Sangria, which is from, my favourite, Martha Stewart. I thought this recipe was perfect because all of the stone fruit has just come into season here!  I had bought the week before a drink container from Target that was originally $40 but I got it for 20% off which was very exciting as I had out off buying it for at least 2 weeks prior to that.

I held a few reservations about what the Sangria would actually taste like as I have tried to make a red wine based sangria before and it was HORRIBLE!

Luckily I managed to pick a decent clean skin to use as the wine base for the Sangria and it tasted AMAZING!  It was great because it was super refreshing which is something that everyone needs on a hot Christmas day in Australia.  It doesn’t look quite like it does in the picture, but it sure tasted amazing!

Looks pretty good!

Looks pretty good!

The other delight of the festivities was dinner.  We usually have salads and ham, which were all on the menu again.  My contribution to the salad menu was a Corn and Black Bean Salad, which by coincidence is also a Martha Stewart recipe.  I don’t have a photo for this one, but it tasted amazing too! The only disappointing thing about this recipe was that I left it too long to get the black beans and the health food shop (the only place I have found them so far) was completely sold out :(.  So I substituted for Kidney beans, which gave it the same mexican theme but just wasn’t the same.  Next time I’m going to buy a tin when I see them.  And when I do I will be making this one again.

Only another week and I will be back at school ready to crack out some of the school ideas that I have been constantly pinning over the last month or so.  The kids will be so excited by some of them that for sure.

Christmas at Vacation Care, mainly thanks to Pinterest


Well my vacation has finally arrived after what feels like an eternity especially these last 2 weeks. Most of our craft and cooking during vacation care has come from Pinterest (obviously)! The kids loved all the craft ideas, not so much making the snow (I quite enjoyed that though), and loved eating the cooking!

Apart from making snow some of the craft we did over the last 5 weeks has included reindeer photo framescoffee filter snowflakespaper wreathsreindeer food and giant snow flakes {the link has been disconnected :(}.

So easy, yet so effective!

So easy, yet so effective!

Then there was the food! There were so many things that I could have chosen from to integrate into the program.  We did holly decorated oreo’sa Christmas jello, Grinch cookies as well as ice-cream cone Christmas trees.  Then for Christmas Morning I make an Egg Nog monkey bread.  Which was a hit with everyone in my family!

The kids loved this!

The kids loved this!

Christmas Morning Treat!

Christmas Morning Treat!

So cute!

So cute!

So as the holiday season comes to an end I am now thinking about what I can do from Pinterest for Easter…but now with the holidays out of the way I can do more everyday cooking that I keep pinning.. and work on my second pair of boot socks 🙂

Grilled Cheese is my Fav!


So I love grilled cheese..and I came across this recipe for a brie and fig grilled cheese with rosemary butter while I was surfing around on Pinterest the other day.  I wanted to make something slightly entertaining for lunch today and thought I would make gourmet grilled cheese.  So I gave this one a go.  The fresh rosemary in the butter gives an amazing taste.  In the recipe on pinterest it talks about using pound cake as ‘bread’.  Now even that is a little too OTT for me so I just used normal white bread and surprise surprise it worked fine! I did like the idea though of putting each slice down at the same time rather than having to flip it! I cooked so much faster and the Brie melted heaps quicker, which has always been an issue in the past for me with grilled cheese.   I will assume that some people will have a take it or leave it attitude for the mix of flavours but I thought it was amazing!  I will certainly be having this grilled cheese again, and be sharing its greatness with my family.

Amazing flavour combination

Amazing flavour combination

Holiday Season


So much has been happening during the start of the rush to the holidays.

I finally finished my boot cuffs, but I can’t find the photo.  they look amazing.  So I have started another pair in a thinner wool so they won’t be so chunky.

I have been creating and cooking heaps off Pinterest recently.

To start at my regional meeting the other week I made a Cheesy Pesto Bread to take to share with my colleagues.  I think it was the only food that was completely eaten (Which I was chuffed with).  I will be making this one again when the superbowl is on next year.  I have a feeling that it will be a hit again!.


Cheesy Pesto Bread

So then was Thanksgiving.  Even though it’s not an Australian thing I still celebrate.  So my homage this year to Thanksgiving was a Martha Stewart Sweet Potato Casserole. It was amazing! I even had Rocky Mountain marshmallows left over from 4th July supplies that I had bought.  I prefered this recipe to others I had found pinned as this one didn’t have the added sugar and huge amounts of butter that some of the others seemed to have.  It was super easy to make and the marshmallows gave it just the right amount of sweetness with out being too sickly.  It was a hit with my family and friends (who ate the leftovers at school the next day.


Sweet Potato Casserole


Sweet Potato Casserole Finished

The last of my experiementing at home were the Oven Baked Tacos that we had for dinner last night.  These Tacos are sooooo much better than the normal Tacos we have.  They were much more filling than they usually would be, much healthier because of all the extra tomatos and refried beans that were in with the turkey mince.  The fact that the cheese was melted and oozy made them much more appealing to me too as I LOVE Mexican food! Especially when the cheese is all oozy!  These will defiantly be a regualy on the menu now as everybody loved them!


Loaded Oven Baked Taco

We have been doing heaps of Holiday activities and cooking but I think I will that update and the photos of our creations until tomorrow.  As there has been quite a bit to catch up on.  My New Years Resolution is to definatly make sure I blog EVERYtime I do something and not have my posts so big!