Grilled Cheese is my Fav!


So I love grilled cheese..and I came across this recipe for a brie and fig grilled cheese with rosemary butter while I was surfing around on Pinterest the other day.  I wanted to make something slightly entertaining for lunch today and thought I would make gourmet grilled cheese.  So I gave this one a go.  The fresh rosemary in the butter gives an amazing taste.  In the recipe on pinterest it talks about using pound cake as ‘bread’.  Now even that is a little too OTT for me so I just used normal white bread and surprise surprise it worked fine! I did like the idea though of putting each slice down at the same time rather than having to flip it! I cooked so much faster and the Brie melted heaps quicker, which has always been an issue in the past for me with grilled cheese.   I will assume that some people will have a take it or leave it attitude for the mix of flavours but I thought it was amazing!  I will certainly be having this grilled cheese again, and be sharing its greatness with my family.

Amazing flavour combination

Amazing flavour combination


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