Merry Christmas = Merry Drinking


On Christmas Day I celebrated with my family at my sister’s house.  I served up my Egg Nog Monkey bread, that I mentioned in my previous post, for breakfast.  It went down a treat at the 10:30 coffee and present opening session which was the commencement of the family Christmas day.

After presents was Lunch Time!

This is really when the fun of the festivities begins.

My sister took care of all of the lunch food which was spectacular as per usual! And it wasn’t until lunch and then at dinner time when the pinterest recipes came out.

After lunch when everyone was a bit parched, I made a Stone Fruit Sangria, which is from, my favourite, Martha Stewart. I thought this recipe was perfect because all of the stone fruit has just come into season here!  I had bought the week before a drink container from Target that was originally $40 but I got it for 20% off which was very exciting as I had out off buying it for at least 2 weeks prior to that.

I held a few reservations about what the Sangria would actually taste like as I have tried to make a red wine based sangria before and it was HORRIBLE!

Luckily I managed to pick a decent clean skin to use as the wine base for the Sangria and it tasted AMAZING!  It was great because it was super refreshing which is something that everyone needs on a hot Christmas day in Australia.  It doesn’t look quite like it does in the picture, but it sure tasted amazing!

Looks pretty good!

Looks pretty good!

The other delight of the festivities was dinner.  We usually have salads and ham, which were all on the menu again.  My contribution to the salad menu was a Corn and Black Bean Salad, which by coincidence is also a Martha Stewart recipe.  I don’t have a photo for this one, but it tasted amazing too! The only disappointing thing about this recipe was that I left it too long to get the black beans and the health food shop (the only place I have found them so far) was completely sold out :(.  So I substituted for Kidney beans, which gave it the same mexican theme but just wasn’t the same.  Next time I’m going to buy a tin when I see them.  And when I do I will be making this one again.

Only another week and I will be back at school ready to crack out some of the school ideas that I have been constantly pinning over the last month or so.  The kids will be so excited by some of them that for sure.


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