Ringing in the New Year


So while this New Years Eve won’t find me watching the ball drop in Times Square (which I would dearly love to do), or partying up a storm in the CBD of my amazing town, or even just going to watch the fireworks over the river, it will find me creating a pinterest inspired craft/New Years resolution.

Speaking of resolutions….My sister gave a great idea when she told me hers.  Most people make resolutions that revolve around losing weight, working out more, drinking less, shopping/spending less blah blah blah.  While these are all great resolutions, they are not really me (or my sister for that fact).  My sister has decided that something she resolves to do in 2013 is to be more decisive, which is something that I am rubbish at as well (must run in the family).  I think that next year I should try to be more decisive, keep my office tidier, and try to blog at least every day about my travels through Pinterest.

So back to my NYE inspired Pinterest creation!

I have made a Memories Jar for 2013.  I have seen a few around, but I think that this website has the best instructions and ideas.  I like the idea of using tags, and the fact that the jar they have used is big enough to put the pencil in, but I can deal with that.

So I grabbed this Moccona jar (its sooo handy to have a stash of them around the house) and took the label off and cleaned the left over label gunk off it.

Beginning Photo

Pretty clean jar

So now for stage 2.

I bought some stickers and transfers from the discount store to put on.  I went for some glittery numbers and some lace looking transfers.  I put 2013 in the middle, as you would expect, and then 2 stripes of the lace transfers around the top and the bottom.  I think it came out looking not too bad, if I do say so myself!  Here is a picture of the stickers and transfers as well as the final product.

Stickers and Transfers


I have a feeling that maybe I should start with the craziness that is our house for New Years Eve tonight.  Everyone has lost the plot!

So far so good (theoretically) for making a post everyday!  YAY me!


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