I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream!


We are currently in the middle of a heat wave.  The temps over the last week have been, been on average 88-90F (32-36C) which for this time of year it is HOT!

Give me these types in Feb, which is at least semi normal, but not now.  It is making all the kids tired and crazy. Especially bc we don’t have air-con in our ‘new’ building.

The best and only thing to do on a hot day is have something cold.  And Ice-cream was the method of choice.  I had found some recipes for homemade ice-cream on pinterest that looked interesting and would at least keep the kids a little cool while they were making it.  the one that I looked at for inspiration was this one.  Only I didn’t quite follow it to the tee… instead of cream I used mainly because of the cost of that much cream..

It didn’t work too badly.  The milk mixture turned to ice-cream (well let’s use that term loosely) and the kids tucked into it when they were done, complete with homemade chocolate and caramel toppings, and sprinkles.


Yes there is  BUT 😦  The salt from the ice and salt mixture somehow permeated the bag that the milk mixture was in.  This made some of the batches the kids made taste like they had dropped their ice-cream in the sea, picked it up and continue to eat it.  It was in one child’s words ‘GROSS’.

So I relented and went to the store to buy a tub of ice-cream to give the kids who hadn’t made it yet and even a little bit to the kids who had.  Was a bit disappointing but was pretty fun.

Homemade Ice-cream

Homemade Ice-cream


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