MIA again


So at the moment we are in the midst of a natural disaster in Brisbane.  I wont be posting again for a few days as there is the potential for flooding less or similar (I vote its going to be similar) 😦 to the floods we had in 2010/2011.  I have been confined to the house all day which has bored me to tears. This is also apart from the fact they have issued Tornado warnings and issued warnings that non-essential travel should not be undertaken.  I did assume that this meant going shopping. However it has made me work on my second set of boot cuffs that I am making.  So that will be something I can put up on here soon. I made a cake, from a packet to fill in time as you can’t even get out to buy basics from the store.  I was quite yummy.  Thanks Duncan Hines :). When I can get it organised I will put a picture up of my extraordinary packet cake.

My thoughts are with everyone who is experiencing the fall out from ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald. This has not been a fun day and by the sounds of the gale force winds outside its not getting any better in a hurry.

I will be back when the weather is a bit better


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