The start of Birthday Celebrations


My birthday is  just about 4 weeks away.  Which is a little entertaining as I will no longer have a 2 at the front of my age.

I did my invitations today to give to my family members for my lunch on my actual birthday day.  It nice again this year that its on the weekend and I can actually spend time celebrating and not working.

I found a whole bunch of DIY ones on Pinterest, including these cute ones with chevrons.  I printed them out and they looked cute, but I would have to find some sort of board to print them on to make the a bit stiffer than just normal copy paper.  I had a brain wave while I was at the shopping centre today.  I only need to do three invitations really as it is just for my immediate family.  I went to Typo, my favourite stationary store, where they sell everything from pens to notebooks and cards.  I knew for a fact they sell blank cards, so I thought that I could use these as the invitations and just put the wording in the middle.  3 for $10 is much more cost effective than 25 for $20, especially when I need so few.  I stole the wording from the invitations with the chevrons and made my own inside to print out with a cute font and a blue boarder (as it is one of my favourite colours).  I think they came up looking AMAZING!

Party Invitations

Party Invitations

For those interested the lets party is the front of the card.


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