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Washi Tape Love


On the weekend I accompanied my mum to the Craft show that was on in town and got some really awesome Washi Tape, which I have been trying to find for a little while now. There are heaps of amazing projects with Washi Tape on Pinterest, but one I really wanted to try out was decorating some tiles with the tape to make coasters.


I bought 4 altogether but used the chevron and the seagulls for my coasters.

I played around with the designs a little just to see if I like a fully covered tile better than the one, I came to the conclusion that I like the fully covered look better.

I will put up a couple of photos tonight, and another couple in the morning, because all the technological devices aren’t photo streaming together.




Coasting with my Starbucks!


Birthday Cake and Good Behaviour


As promised here are a couple of photos of my cake.  It has been a little longer than I anticipated but better late than never.

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!


Look at the Middle!!

This week  also introduced the ‘caught ya being good’ jar which I got from here.  This has been to try and improve the behaviour of the kids at after school care, but also to reward the kids who do the right thing all time that never get ant recognition.  So far its kind of been working, and the kids love the owl stickers that I used.  Only time will tell if it actually works.  The rewards I am going to use are pencils from Smiggle.

'Caught ya being good!'

‘Caught ya being good!’

This week I have also made some Strawberry and Lemonade Scones. They are from  here at Munchkin Munchies. Now they were amazingly delicious.  But I’m confused as to where the lemonade actually is in the recipe and why the name is in the title…but whatever! They were good.  I had to substitute fresh strawberries for the dried because I couldn’t find any.  I will be making these again!

Strawberry and Lemonade Scones

Strawberry and Lemonade Scones

Birthday week..


My Birthday has come and gone, but the celebrations still continue.  I am celebrating with some of the work ladies this coming week, even though my Birthday was technically nearly a week ago!  It was an ‘oh’ birthday so I was lucky enough to get Tiffany’s from my family, plus a few other tit bits.

My day started with a pinterest idea I had shown my mum ages ago.  I woke up to find balloons hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen.  LOVE IT!  Then I had an amazing lunch Wagamama’s which I have been waiting 12 mths to have (long story and not really interesting).  The Chicken Katsu was AMAZING and I will be looking for a recipe to re-create it at home.

But for the most important part of the day was my birthday cake.  I made a polka dot cake which I got from here.  It took a while to figure out how to make the cake pops properly.  I have a whole bunch of photos which I will put up tomorrow. I figured that the cake, being vanilla needed a bit of flavour.  I had seen a recipe for a Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting with a chocolate cake a little while ago and figured this would be a nice subtle flavour to put with the cake to give it just a little somethin somethin.  And boy I was right! The frosting was a hit with everyone, especially with some of my teaching friends at school…the process was a little involved, because I made the Salted Caramel, but it payed off.  I took the caramel a little too far, so it was a tad burnt, but I think if it hadn’t been you would not have tasted much of the caramel at all.

I was going to make some scones that I found today, but the strawberries were a bit gross looking at the store when I went.  So I’ll leave those for another day!.

Tonight though I finished off a pair of lace topped socks to wear with my boots now that it is getting a little cooler.  The look HOT and I think I might even try it with different coloured lace next time as I have white on white at the moment.

Tomorrow there will be another post as I am making dinner from a recipe I found.  The weekly planning of food is really working well.  Have I mentioned we are doing that?? I will have to read my posts and if not I’ll let you know about it too 🙂

And here comes the fashionista…


I am slowly but surely starting to get ready for a vacation to Hawaii in September.

I have started a board on Pinterest specifically for the vacay.  I found this outfit while looking around the other day and thought it would be a super cute option for a day in Waikiki.  I managed to find a similar shirt at Big W, for a fraction of the price of the one in the picture.  I paid $15 for it! and it looks basically the same.  So I was a bit chuffed at saving nearly $70 to get the same look.  Now that is what I call BARGIN shopping!.  Now just to find some bargin jean shorts.  I have my eye on some at Glassons, but they will have to wait until next Thursday night for payday.

Mexican Chicken and Frozen Yoghurt


Thanks to those people who liked my previous post about the taco seasoning.

The whole dish turned out much better than I expected. The recipe is here ( but don’t be worried, I doing this on my IPad and will have to get the link later.) The enchilada sauce, after cooking, thickened and went amazing rich! I think I used a little too much oil in the cooking process or the Mexican cheese mix I used was very fatty, but there seemed to be a lot of fat on the top when it was done. Regardless of this everybody loved it and there was just enough left for me to eat for lunch the next day. Woohoo!!!

Now to the frozen yoghurt. I found a recipe for choc mint frozen yogurt using Chobani. Now I like no LOVE CHOBANI! So any recipe that has Chobani as the main instigator MUST BE TRIED. We had all the ingredients on hand, except the pots of Chobani. So off to the store I trotted to get some pots. It tasted alright as is but it seemed to freeze a little funny compared to the one in the picture. It seemed to separate and go very icy. I finally tried it this morning after letting it thaw out a little over night. It was a little different and and the texture was a little strange after it separating and going icy, and I wasn’t a massive fan of it, but it was ok (seeing as I have 3 tubs of it to eat.) I have picture to put up and will do that tomorrow 🙂