Mexican Chicken and Frozen Yoghurt


Thanks to those people who liked my previous post about the taco seasoning.

The whole dish turned out much better than I expected. The recipe is here ( but don’t be worried, I doing this on my IPad and will have to get the link later.) The enchilada sauce, after cooking, thickened and went amazing rich! I think I used a little too much oil in the cooking process or the Mexican cheese mix I used was very fatty, but there seemed to be a lot of fat on the top when it was done. Regardless of this everybody loved it and there was just enough left for me to eat for lunch the next day. Woohoo!!!

Now to the frozen yoghurt. I found a recipe for choc mint frozen yogurt using Chobani. Now I like no LOVE CHOBANI! So any recipe that has Chobani as the main instigator MUST BE TRIED. We had all the ingredients on hand, except the pots of Chobani. So off to the store I trotted to get some pots. It tasted alright as is but it seemed to freeze a little funny compared to the one in the picture. It seemed to separate and go very icy. I finally tried it this morning after letting it thaw out a little over night. It was a little different and and the texture was a little strange after it separating and going icy, and I wasn’t a massive fan of it, but it was ok (seeing as I have 3 tubs of it to eat.) I have picture to put up and will do that tomorrow 🙂


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