Happy Easter!


I have survived the sweetest (but most delicious) day of the year.  I kind of glad that I didn’t decide to give up my computer (or Facebook) for Lent like I know some people did, because I would not have survived! So a shout out to all those who did.! That is will power!

I spent most of the Easter period with family, eating and drinking and being merry, but I did manage to fit a few Pinteresting activities in.  Yesterday I Mod Podge-d for the first time.  I used it on my coasters and they look spectacular and ready to hold me next drink (beer sir!).  I found some Black and Gold tape at a store called Typo and I am going to do an exciting cover on my book for my vacay information (Hawaii in Sept), and I am thinking of doing a larger tile in the Black and Gold for my Mum to use as a teapot trivet as the one she has now is not very interesting (lol).  I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Now as for my Pinteresting Easter I had in mind to make small gift bag type gifts with my easter chocolates for my family.  I usually buy a selection of Hershey’s chocolate and candy covered eggs, and this year I got some small Reece’s bunnies to go with it as well as some M&M speckled eggs.  Not a bad haul if I do say so my self.  I had come across these tags a while back and decided that I wanted to use them as my tags.  When I got them to my surprise I also found an amazing Happy Easter banner, which I decided to print and use at home.  I will add the photo of this tomorrow (it looks so cute!) when I am at school and all my photos stream from one device to another.  But I do have some photos of the Easter goodie bags, which look SMASHING!  Enjoy!

Easter Gift

Easter Gift

Easter Gifts for everyone!

Easter Gifts for everyone!

I added the tex for everyones names in grey but it looks a little different in the photo.  Everyone loved the look of them and commented how cute they were.  They are technically meant to be place cards, but who says you have to stick to the plan!

Tomorrow at work, I will also take some photos of the Easter craft the kids have done over the last couple of weeks, including a nifty garland that we made out of paint chips, so stay tunes for that one!

Hope everyone out in Blog land also had an amazing Easter holiday regardless of how you spent it!


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