More about Easter


As promised here are the photos of the craft that we did at school before Easter.  It kinda snuck up on me in the end and we didn’t crack out as much craft as I wanted to.  But that’s ok I have plenty of ideas to go with for next year.  There is always a plus side for over planning!

This 1st craft was super cute bunnies from over at a little delightful.  The bunnies were made with ears that were the kids foot prints traced onto the pink paper and the kids loved it.  Especially because they go to take their shoes off to do it.

Footprint Bunny

Footprint Bunny


Footprint Bunny

Next we did some crosses to hang on the window.  They looked amazing (as you will agree from the photos).  I got this idea from over at Happy Home Fairy.  I wanted to include some more religious crafts to remind the children that Easter is not just about the Easter Bunny and chocolate, and that the celebrations holds a more meaning for us (I work at a catholic school, have I mentioned that before?  Well I do and I love it :))  It ended up that we could fit three crosses across the door, and another educator and I were impressed to see that it looked like the 3 crosses at the crucifixion.  We had not even intended it to be that way! This is the photo anyway.

Stained Glass Crosses

Stained Glass Crosses


There are 2 more crafts that we did, so I’ll talk about them super quick as I know this is one of my longer posts.  We made these cute painted eggs, using water colours and wax candles.  And then we made this garland from paint chips, which looked so cute! The kids really enjoyed threading the eggs on to make sure they were all the same way and the same distance apart.

Water Colour Eggs with wax writing and drawing

Water Colour Eggs with wax writing and drawing


Paint Chip Garland


And last but not least here is a photo, not the one I want but its better than nothing, of my Happy Easter Garland that I  talked about in the last Easter Post.  When my panorama one finally decides to stream I will put it up instead!

My Easter Garland at home

My Easter Garland at home



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