Tuesday Meetings


Once a month on a Tuesday I have a region meeting with all the other ladies that I work with.  Over the last couple of months, especially since my pinterest-ing took off, I have been making something new and exciting for them to try at each meeting.


Now let me explain something here.  We are nuts about food.  We have been planning the food for yesterday since the last meeting, and then again at a special meeting we had to attend last week.  But I am starting to dig myself a grave, because now every time we have a meeting they are expecting me to come up with some new exciting item to put on our menu.  Now don’t get me wrong I love showing off to them how well I can cook.  BUT OMG, I think I will be taking requests very soon.


So getting back to what I was saying, for this meeting I made an Earthquake cake.  And I believe it is one not to be messed with!  I grabbed the recipe off Pincookie.  Now it gives you 2 versions to try.  I tried number one, but I have high hope of testing number 2 in the near future (maybe as near as out next meeting).  I was lucky enough to actually have a German Chocolate cake mix floating around at home.  But I am sure that normal chocolate would work just as well.  I also didn’t add the chocolate chips in because I didn’t have them, nor the inclination to drive to the store to get them.  It worked perfectly well without it anyways.

It was a hit with all my colleagues.  Some of them want it again next time.  I’m thinking of trying something different!  One friend of mine took some home for her son, who apparently demolished it quite quickly….WOOHOO!

This is what it looked like, nothing fancy, but AMAZING to eat! The photo is a little after we started hooking in for dessert.

Mmmmmm......Earthquake Cake!

Mmmmmm……Earthquake Cake!



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