Wow! What a week!



It has been a bit on an intense week here and this week looks to be just as amazing!  We were, however, lucky enough this past weekend to have a long weekend/public holiday yesterday for the Queen’s Birthday.  So happy birthday Queen Elizabeth! and thanks for the well earnt day off!

So why was last week intense I hear you ask??  Well….it was because it RAINED…nearly the whole week.  Which means no play out side which equals hyped up after school care kids (and now for nearly the whole weekend too :()

Wednesday was my absoloute highlight of the week.  I was out at the store during teh day, getting some lunch stuff whe my friend rings to ask if I can take over the prep class for the rest of the day while their teacher goes home sick.  Not a problem I say! then it starts.  The rain that is.  All through 2nd sessions, then through lunch.  It looked like it was going to be fine enough to go out for normal pick up.  I’m outta the classroom and headed up to the pick-up area.  Then comes the dreaded call ‘excuse me parents and teachers, today will be classroom pick up!’ ARGHHHH my one hate on rainy days.  Knowing that I didn’t have enough staff  quite cover whileI waited for parents I mushed all the children I had been teaching that day into the classroom of a 10 week substitute teacher, who has been here 2 weeks, and does not really know how to take me at all!

So i can now hear you saying….’Ok that’s enough ranting’ what have you been doing on Pinterest?’  Well that is kinda where the rant comes in. I felt so guilty about doing a dump and run of the kids I wanted to get a little something for the poor teacher to say thanks for dealing with nearly 50 kids that afternoon.  I have seen a few cute sayings that people have printed out and created to give to teachers especially on teacher appreciation day and for end of year and for the start of the school year.  Actually the list I have seen these for is pretty endless.

I remembered seeing one saying ‘You’re a Lifesaver’ and having it attached to a pack of lifesavers.  I thought that was pretty cute, so I went with it. I pinned only last week or the week before a tutorial on how to make those cute little tags yourself on Word.  That tutorial is over at Just a Girl and her Blog.  Useing Abby’s instructions I was able to create some super ‘You’re a Lifesaver’ tags, which I then attached to the roll of lifesavers and gave to the teacher.  The teacher, Ben, was supper appreciateive and I think it made his day (especially seeing as he is so new to our school commnity and doesn’t really know anyone!)

I didn’t  take a picture of the final product before I took it down to the classroom, but I am hoping to put the sheet up here as a freebie. i have a picture of what it looks like though.  I just have to figure out how to do it as it will be the 1st freebie I have posted in conjunction with my blog.  Once I figure that out I will be pinning it on Pinterest so be on the look out!  The digital background is from Clever Chamleon and the font is from Krista Wallden from clever clips.  They are all free downloads.  If you are not signed up for Teachers pay Teachers here is a link.  It is free to sign up and there are heaps of great freebies, including digital paper.  Click on this link or the picture for you pdf Freebie!  You’re a Lifesaver

You're a lifesaver tags

You’re a lifesaver tags


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