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Missing in the wilderness


So as you may have realised I haven’t posted for a little bit (again) this time my excuse is Vacation Care.  I know I work all year round, but Vacation care is the busiest time of year.

So there have been a few projects that have been started and finished in the time since I last posted.  Since then there has been all of vacation care, 4th of July and endless shopping trips to do with organisation!

Lets start at Vacation Care. We did art and craft that was inspired by Pinterest, as well as a games day.  All of the games were found on pinterest, the kids loved them and played them well after the specific day they were planned for.  The most popular of the winter themed art that we did was where you place masking tape down, paint over it and them pull the masking tape back.  I found my instructions over at Meet the Dubiens.  They are super cute and easy for the kids to do!  On games day we played a game that I found on One More Moore, in the party games post. I just used some containers that I found around work, made up some score graphics, laminated them and used blu-tack and a bulldog clip to hold them in place.  I have no idea where my photos have gone, but I feel the deleting fairy got to my camera.   Last but not least the say we went to see Monsters University, i made sure I had a whole bunch of crafts that went with the movie.  I found these pennants for Monsters University over at Spoonful, they have heaps of amazing stuff for disney themes and their baking ideas are amazing! Everyone should check them out.

Here is a photo of the masking tape pictures

Winter Masking Tape Pictures

Winter Masking Tape Pictures

I am super tired and I have an injured foot from hockey which is killing me atm.  I will post some of my July 4th celebrations a bit later tonight.