Monthly Archives: August 2013

Book Week – Read across the Universe


Tomorrow is the conclusion of Book Week at my school which means it is Parade Day!

This years theme is Read across the Universe and the children and teachers have been encouraged to dress to the space theme. I don’t have to dress up, but I like to get into the action of it, and the kids love that I do.

I decided to go for a mask so I can go out during the day if I need to. I found the perfect mask when I looked on Pinterest for some Space Halloween ideas over at Spoonful, which is associated with Disney.

I couldn’t find the green foam for the mask so I went with purple, which I feel is still a little spacey. Here is a photo of what the finished product looks like, hopefully it will be a hit with the kids.


(The photo won’t load at the moment so I will give it another go tomorrow)