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Elf on the Shelf


We started a new tradition at OSHC last week.  Our Elf (now called North) arrived from the North Pole.

I had wrapped the book and the elf in the box that it arrived in from The Book Depository (just quietly the best book website around).  They have free delivery WORLDWIDE!! I then put the box into the fridge for a couple of hours for it to cool down to the temperature of the North Pole.  When I pulled the box set out of the wrapping I got a better than expected result and the plastic over the elf had frosted over.  The kidos all felt the box as I said it was still cold from the North Pole, and I was met with oooh’s and ahhhh’s about its temperature.  The sat so silently to listen to the story and then we spoke about the rules the book mentioned.  He happily sat on a chair all afternoon in his box while the little kidos chatted to him.  When the last 2 girls for the afternoon were watching TV the elf ‘disappeared’, I’m guessing back to the North Pole.

The Parcel and Letter Santa left for us

The Parcel and Letter Santa left for us

My next issue was “What is the elf going to do tomorrow?????”.  This is where Pinterest comes in!!  There are so many boards and idea floating around in cyber space that so far (3days in mind you) I haven’t had any issues with ideas.

The first day the elf was swinging from the door to the toy cupboard.  We have had a couple of mishaps with falling off from there so we told the Kidos that the teachers could pick him up with tinsel and put him back up.  After he fell off the swing he sat on the top of the cupboard for the rest of the day.  They all swear that he moved that afternoon!

The second was Monday morning, and I had propped him up on top of my modem next to my computer.  Now I had put him there to keep him safe over the weekend, but because I didn’t work on Monday morning that is where he stayed.  The Kidos suggested it was to keep an eye on me! During the afternoon several kids took the opportunity to sit in the air conditioning, the office to talk to the elf and start telling him what they wished for for Christmas. It is SOOOOOOOO cute but I have a feeling the parents are less than excited as the kids are wanting to come to care more frequently.

Today the Elf was on a date with one of the barbies in the barbie convertible on a road in the toy cupboard.  Now he appears in here a lot as our hall is a shared space with our parish.  He is really in there to keep our preparation safe from the renters!  We had a mishap today when one of the children with ASD happened to accidentally pick up North and bring him outside, some of the other children nearly lost it.  I have taken North out of the car and put him in the freezer for the afternoon session and left a cute note on the car saying he was at the North Pole getting better and he would be back in the morning!  I hope the kids aren’t too disappointed this afternoon.

Tomorrow brings another day and another Elf antic.


Whoops where’d Halloween Go??


I just realised that the post I thought I had done on Halloween is not actually here.  I won’t make it a long one, but I’ll fill you in on what I did!

We had a whole series of meetings about the restructure of our Senior Management at work, which has made everyone really sad.  To one of the meetings I made a massive bowl of Fall Puppy Chow using a recipe I used yonks ago, from here, at Sally’s Baking Addiction.  I basically used this without the nuts.  Then I added in a combination of Candy Corn, Candy Corn m&m’s and Fall m&m’s.  Everyone really loved it!

Halloween Puppy Chow

Halloween Puppy Chow

We made Glue and glitter spiders webs that were from here, and I used this idea for trying to make my amazing looking pumpkins last the distance (The link isn’t working to the website, but the instructions are on the Pinterest Link). Photo to come…my photo streaming is taking forever! 😦



We made Paint Chip Pumpkins and Frankensteins too, but those photos are at work and I will add them Monday.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


Over this past week at After School Care we have started cracking out the Christmas decorations and crafts with the kids.  We do it this early as we have 9.5 days of school left.  Not that I am counting or anything! I always do 2-3 weeks of Christmas craft before the Christmas/Summer Vacation starts as if we don’t, the kids who don’t require care during that time miss out on all the fun.

We started by putting up all the regular decorations, tinsel, the wooden sleigh set with the fake insta-snow and christmas lights.  At the moment we are using up all the craft supplies that have been hanging around since I started at the service in 2010.  So thats a long time to have been sitting in the storage cupboard.  To supplement this craft I found a few cute and easy things, that may involve taking more paint chips.

So far we have painted wooden tree ornaments, made ornaments with foams balls, pins and sequins, painted cotton ornaments with water colours, decorated giant reindeer heads, stars and Christmas trees, beaded Christmas trees and Christmas trees made from (you guessed it) paint chips!.  As you can tell its been non-stop since we started.

Paint Chip Christmas Trees

Paint Chip Christmas Trees


Some interesting trees


Blinged up tree, using off cuts from the other trees

The Christmas trees are so far the only craft from Pinterest, as we get closer to the holiday there will be more though!

Happy (early) Thanksgiving


Last weekend I celebrated my first full on American Thanksgiving.

Last year you might remember that I made Sweet Potato casserole as a small homage to the celebration.  Well this year, a girlfriend of mine has moved from the states and she decided it would be fun to have an all out American feast.

Now even though I haven’t ever had the privilege of celebrating in the States, I know what a big deal it is to celebrate it and be with your family on that day.

For our Thanksgiving feast I nominated to bring the Sweet Potato and the Cranberry sauce.  Now yes, I did ask if I could do my Sweet Potato Casserole that I made last year, but my friend Cait thought the marshmallows on top might have been a bit of overkill, so I found a different recipe that I really liked, but I wanted a topping that wasn’t so sweet on it. So I made the topping off this recipe here. As I was making the topping I was getting a bit flustered as the time of the party starting was getting closer and I was nowhere near ready, and I kinda forgot to put the flour in, then when I got there I realised that I missed out putting out the oats in it too.  This happened to be a blessing in disguise as one of the guests was coeliac and was able to eat the dish! YAY! (and she loved it which was a bonus).

The Cranberry sauce didn’t get used a lot, but I had some and it was amazing! It was so much better than I thought It was going to be, especially considering it was supposed to have fresh cranberries in it and  we only get dried out here.  The final product was a little thicker than I anticipated, but I liked it thick and chunky.  My mum tasted the final product and is adamant it will be on our table come Christmas day.

I didn’t get a photo of the Sweet Potato Casserole before it got demolished, but I did manage to get one of the Cranberry Sauce, its a bit dodgy, but its better than nothing!

Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce

Now that Thanksgiving is over, its onto Christmas preparations at work with the kiddies, I can’t wait!

Teachers don’t let teachers go crazy at report card time


It’s that time of year again where all my friends are writing report cards for the end of the school year.

With 20.5 days to go before holidays its getting to crunch time. I’m pretty sure none of my friends have been sociable this weekend, as most of their status’ are talking about how many general comments they have left to do, in a Bitstrip!

I found this amazing looks salted caramel bar that I thought might just get them through the next week. I love baking and taking my good to school to share with my friends. I think that is what baking should be all about.

So the recipe in question is from What’s Gaby Cooking.  I had seen it on my pinterest feed a few days ago, and thought i’d pinned it.  But I hadn’t and I went to look for the recipe at the shops yesterday and was super disappointed that I couldn’t find it.  I remembered it had thickened cream in it so bought that and hoped that I had the rest at home.  Which I did, much to my relief!

Being a saturday night ( and already a couple of beverages down) it took a little longer to make than I think it should have.  I also added a candy thermometer to my christmas list as I am pretty sure I didn’t cook the caramel off again.

The 1st instruction is to put the oven on, but I thought this was going to waste a lot of power so I only put it on while the base was in the fridge.  But that is just me, I am sometimes a little too energy conscience.

Its still in the fridge and I am a little scared to get it out yet as I have a real feeling that the caramel hasn’t set, but I’m sure it will be amazing anyways.

As the count down to holidays start I can guarantee that the next few posts will be about nothing but Christmas, with maybe a  Thanksgiving post thrown in too as my good friend from the states in now living out here and we are having an early Thanksgiving next week.  I’m on Sweet Potatoes and I can’t wait!