Teachers don’t let teachers go crazy at report card time


It’s that time of year again where all my friends are writing report cards for the end of the school year.

With 20.5 days to go before holidays its getting to crunch time. I’m pretty sure none of my friends have been sociable this weekend, as most of their status’ are talking about how many general comments they have left to do, in a Bitstrip!

I found this amazing looks salted caramel bar that I thought might just get them through the next week. I love baking and taking my good to school to share with my friends. I think that is what baking should be all about.

So the recipe in question is from What’s Gaby Cooking.  I had seen it on my pinterest feed a few days ago, and thought i’d pinned it.  But I hadn’t and I went to look for the recipe at the shops yesterday and was super disappointed that I couldn’t find it.  I remembered it had thickened cream in it so bought that and hoped that I had the rest at home.  Which I did, much to my relief!

Being a saturday night ( and already a couple of beverages down) it took a little longer to make than I think it should have.  I also added a candy thermometer to my christmas list as I am pretty sure I didn’t cook the caramel off again.

The 1st instruction is to put the oven on, but I thought this was going to waste a lot of power so I only put it on while the base was in the fridge.  But that is just me, I am sometimes a little too energy conscience.

Its still in the fridge and I am a little scared to get it out yet as I have a real feeling that the caramel hasn’t set, but I’m sure it will be amazing anyways.

As the count down to holidays start I can guarantee that the next few posts will be about nothing but Christmas, with maybe a  Thanksgiving post thrown in too as my good friend from the states in now living out here and we are having an early Thanksgiving next week.  I’m on Sweet Potatoes and I can’t wait!


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