Happy (early) Thanksgiving


Last weekend I celebrated my first full on American Thanksgiving.

Last year you might remember that I made Sweet Potato casserole as a small homage to the celebration.  Well this year, a girlfriend of mine has moved from the states and she decided it would be fun to have an all out American feast.

Now even though I haven’t ever had the privilege of celebrating in the States, I know what a big deal it is to celebrate it and be with your family on that day.

For our Thanksgiving feast I nominated to bring the Sweet Potato and the Cranberry sauce.  Now yes, I did ask if I could do my Sweet Potato Casserole that I made last year, but my friend Cait thought the marshmallows on top might have been a bit of overkill, so I found a different recipe that I really liked, but I wanted a topping that wasn’t so sweet on it. So I made the topping off this recipe here. As I was making the topping I was getting a bit flustered as the time of the party starting was getting closer and I was nowhere near ready, and I kinda forgot to put the flour in, then when I got there I realised that I missed out putting out the oats in it too.  This happened to be a blessing in disguise as one of the guests was coeliac and was able to eat the dish! YAY! (and she loved it which was a bonus).

The Cranberry sauce didn’t get used a lot, but I had some and it was amazing! It was so much better than I thought It was going to be, especially considering it was supposed to have fresh cranberries in it and  we only get dried out here.  The final product was a little thicker than I anticipated, but I liked it thick and chunky.  My mum tasted the final product and is adamant it will be on our table come Christmas day.

I didn’t get a photo of the Sweet Potato Casserole before it got demolished, but I did manage to get one of the Cranberry Sauce, its a bit dodgy, but its better than nothing!

Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce

Now that Thanksgiving is over, its onto Christmas preparations at work with the kiddies, I can’t wait!

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