It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


Over this past week at After School Care we have started cracking out the Christmas decorations and crafts with the kids.  We do it this early as we have 9.5 days of school left.  Not that I am counting or anything! I always do 2-3 weeks of Christmas craft before the Christmas/Summer Vacation starts as if we don’t, the kids who don’t require care during that time miss out on all the fun.

We started by putting up all the regular decorations, tinsel, the wooden sleigh set with the fake insta-snow and christmas lights.  At the moment we are using up all the craft supplies that have been hanging around since I started at the service in 2010.  So thats a long time to have been sitting in the storage cupboard.  To supplement this craft I found a few cute and easy things, that may involve taking more paint chips.

So far we have painted wooden tree ornaments, made ornaments with foams balls, pins and sequins, painted cotton ornaments with water colours, decorated giant reindeer heads, stars and Christmas trees, beaded Christmas trees and Christmas trees made from (you guessed it) paint chips!.  As you can tell its been non-stop since we started.

Paint Chip Christmas Trees

Paint Chip Christmas Trees


Some interesting trees


Blinged up tree, using off cuts from the other trees

The Christmas trees are so far the only craft from Pinterest, as we get closer to the holiday there will be more though!


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