Elf Antics


Our Elf, North, has been up to more antics during the last week.  While I have taken photos of most of them the one that I missed was him sitting in the sleigh with the reindeers.  This week North has been hanging in a sign, having hot cocoa in the dolls house and fishing off the exit sign above one of the doorways.  I have been using instacollage to make my cut photo collages of his antics.  I love that you can change the colour of the background and the text and the size of the boarder and just about anything!

Photo not currently available.  😦

Elf Antics

Elf Antics

Our other fun craft of the week has been putting the kids names in lights! The pin I found went over to this blog here.  It is such a cute and easy idea especially with the little kids.  I just googled christmas lights outline to find a suitable shape to use, unless you are super creative and can draw your own.  The kids coloured in the lights in Christmas colours, multi coloured and patterned.  They looked amazing! Here is one of the light strings that one of the 3rd grade kids did.

Name Light Strings

Name Light Strings

I think I have some more to put up, but we had our last day of school for the year yesterday and I am pretty sure I was still drunk at lunchtime today!  I will save that for a post for tomorrow.


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