Christmas is coming to Town


Things have been so busy since my last post.

We have finished school for the year, nearly finished the 1st 2 weeks of vacation care and Chirstmas shopping craziness is in full swing.  At about lunch each day I’ve had enough and think about going home.  Today its 12:13 on the apple clock and I am just about done…and so are the kids!

About a week ago the kiddos decided they wanted to do some cooking so I found a nice easy recipe that we could crack out without tooo much hassle.  These cookies came up while I was trawling though pinterest the other day and caught my eye with their pop of christmas colour.  They are from over at Parent Pretty and look amazing! (and they were so simple).

I thought it would be easy enough to find a small packet of Christmas m&m’s but no 😦 I had to buy the MASSIVE tub of full sized candy.  Not that i’m complaining or anything :).

We made them up and they were just as fantastic to eat as they were to cook.  They were chewy if you left the just the right amount of time and they were crunchy if you left them just a little longer.  They looked really oily during the mixing process, but in the end it seemed to kind of absorb it.  They were a lot less oily then I had imagined they would be.

Here is a quick photo to finish off with before my computer goes to ‘sleep’

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Enjoy and look out for a Christmas Freebie this afternoon 🙂


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