And so this is Christmas


Merry Christmas everyone!

Celebrations are well underway in Australia the Turkey is in, the Plum Pudding is getting re-boiled and we are just waiting for the rest of my siblings to arrive for present opening.

So while we are waiting I will fill you in on all the things that I have be doing at school and pinning in the last few days.

My Aunt from North Queensland has been visiting all of our family down here and stayed with us for a couple of weeks, so we cracked out a few choice recipes that she had never had.  Quinoa is one of those things that my Aunt had never had before so I made a Summer BBQ Chicken Quinoa Salad from over at How Sweet It Is.  I used a smoked BBQ sauce by Masterfoods for the dressing.  It was amazing and my Aunt really loved the salad so I am really glad that we opened her eyes to the world of Quinoa.

BBQ Quinoa Summer Salad

BBQ Quinoa Summer Salad

Now i’m not sure if I found this on Pinterest of if this is something that I posted myself.  During the last week of vacation care I introduced the kids to and their Hour of Code.  This project is all about introducing children to computer science and the beginnings of JavaScript.  Some of the older boys really enjoyed it, especially because they got a certificate at the end, the younger kids I think just wanted to certificate.  I found some other great tutorials that I actually completed, and it was super fun.  I think I really love computer science!  This is the snowman that I drew using JavaScript with a tutorial from the Kahn Academy.





Everyone is here so I will continue the extensive list of things I have done in the last week later during everyone else’s snoozy bear time later this arvo..


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