Happy 2014


Happy New Year Everyone!



I hope yo had an amazing time at your parties and hanging out with friends and family.  I watched the fireworks on TV at home with a few beers and went to bed at 12:15.  Its a sad life I lead, but I had had an amazing lunch with my school friends earlier that day and didn’t really mind.  The fireworks on Sydney harbour were again amazing, and much better on the TV if you ask me.  The Mambo eye was the symbol on the bridge and the main art designer Reg Mombassa seemed quite drunk and out of it when he and the Sydney Mayor, Clover Moore (yes that is really her name) hit the button to start the fireworks at Midnight.

I finished off the year with a small pinterest project, Mac and Cheese.  I got my parents tickets to the Brisbane International Tennis and their tickets were for yesterday.  They were luck enough to be able to see Serena Williams play singles and Roger Federer play in the mens doubles straight after.  Go me!

I made myseld a small portion of this recipe of Mac and Cheese that links over to Kevin and Amanda’s Recipes.  It was a great recipe to make just a small portion.  I think next time I will put more cheese and milk in it but it worked a treat!

My Photo hasn’t come through yet so I will put it in when it has.

This is my tiny bowl of Mac and Cheese


I hope you all have an amazing 2014 and continue to follow my journey though Pinterest.  My resolution for 2014 is the same as last year, be more decisive and to try to post most days on my blog.


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