Pool Noodle Craft


To fill in a day of Vacation Care this time around I had seen some Pool Noodle Craft floating around on Pinterest.  Now just at the moment I can’t find where I pinned my pin.  Which is a P A I N!

But the general gist of the activity was buy some pool noodles ( I got mine at Kmart for $3.  They were about that price everywhere I looked) and cut them into bits.  I apparently was abel to get about 13 pieces out of each noodle, which was heaps more than I expected.  Out of the 5 noodles I bought I ended up with 73 pieces of chopped noodle for the kids to use. They were super happy because they got more than one piece to use.  One of my girls at work had found a picture of a bee and printed it out as an idea for the kids, but I had also told them to go to town, make what ever you want, there was plenty of craft items to use.  I had stuff out like paint, chenille sticks (pipe cleaners), goggle eyes, eye stickers, matchsticks, skewers, you name it they were able to use it.  We ended up with so many amazing creations.

Some of the little kids just copied the bee, but that was to be expected.  The older kids let their creative juices flow! We had aliens, boats, cows, everything! It was an amazing craft and cheap as well which is always good.  I will so be doing this again at after school care, they had so much fun creating.

Here are just a couple of photos of the creations from that day


various noodle craft


Busy Bees and an Alien


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