Australia Day at Vacation Care


We celebrate Australia Day every year at vacation care, generally with a BBQ lunch and some Australian snack or two.  This yea I had found some really cool stuff on Pinterest that I had not come across before.

The 1st was a selection of photo booth props, from Life’s Little Celebrations. They are super cute, and I was going to get them, but they were $3.50 and I didn’t have the time to produce them nicely and laminate them before giving them to the kids….so maybe next year.

The 2nd was a super easy Australia Day Punch.  This recipe is from over at Kidspot.  It is made with the really Australian flavours of Green Cordial and Passiona soft drink.  When I got to work as all the kids were finishing it off, they all said to me that they loved the drink. YAY!! (Good Choice Miss Fraser).

The 3rd thing that I found for the kids to do was Koala in a creek.  This is basically blue Jelly with a caramello koala in it.  Now I accidentally got Freddos instead, but hey green frogs are super Australian! I have a feeling my girls at work were a little enthusiastic with the putting in of the frogs because they melted and sunk to the bottom of the cup instead of standing up in the picture,  But the kids loved the idea and the fact they got to eat a jelly and frog at afternoon tea.  In the end it kinda looked like the frogs had be hibernating….but meh whoooooooo really cares! Its all about the jelly isn’t it???

Not the best frog in the creek, but certainly the yummiest!

Not the best frog in the creek, but certainly the yummiest!


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