Pizza Muffins


Sorry for my inactivity of the last little bit, as you know back to school is a crazy time for me, as is the time around my birthday.

I wont try to remember what I have been doing up to now I will just write about my most recent baking adventure ( i may do a post about my birthday cake at some stage too though 🙂 ).

I had the AGM for my Girl Guide district on Friday night, where we had to present a report for our units and then we had supper.  The meeting started at 7 so it was always going to be a stretch for me to get there before it started as I finish work at 6 and it is almost an hour drive from point A to Point B.

I managed an early mark at work (yay for all the kids going home early), and even had time to stop for a diet coke on the way.

I had decided to make these Pizza Muffins mainly because I knew that I could have a couple of them and it might suffice as my dinner, along with the other food that would be on offer.

They ended up being a hit and were the 1st plate of food to be finished.  The muffins were extremely easy and I’m sure we have made them at vacation care before, and if we haven’t we will be!!  They were delicious, I might only put one tbs of sugar into the miffins instead of the 2 it says.  I found them just a little sweet for a savoury muffin.

My photo stream is still being a pain so I don’t have the photos handy.


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