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That craze called LOOMS


Hi Everyone, sorry for the absence.

Today I have created a little something that I thought might be a nice swap for the girls at my Girl Guide district as a token of thanks for selling biscuits in the upcoming biscuit selling season.

I had seen this loom idea floating around on Pinterest for a little bit and had wondered what on earth it was. Then at school the kiddos started bringing in these little rubber bands and asking if they could loom at before and after school care.  I was like sure, as long as you clean up afterwards.  Soon more and more kids were brining this craft craze in left right and centre.

I have bought so many of the little rubber bands for the kids I would hate to count how many they have actually gone through.

I myself then fell into the craze and bought a loom and some bands.  I wanted to try and make the charm that looked like the samoa cookie, but that was FAR too difficult so I tried the plain shortbread one that Made by Mommy has made on the loom which is part of the bracelet.  She give instructions at the beginning of the demonstration how to make the individual cookies into charms.

It took me a few frustrating goes ( I have no idea how the kids can be soooo patient when they are doing this) but I finally got one done and its not too shabby if I do say myself.


I hopefully will be making a post tomorrow for easter with my cute easter gifts for my family