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Whoops its been a while !


Hi Everyone!

Sorry its been a while since I last posted, but it has been a little crazy round here.  I have been busy organising Vacation Care for the Winter break, and have been busy dredging Pinterest for some amazing ideas for art craft and other activities.  The themes that I have been looking for the most are Down at the farm, winter wonderland, games and  not to mention recipes for the cooking that the kids want to do.  I have managed to find some amazing stuff, but you will have to wait for about 4 weeks to see the finished product. 

One of the days during Vacation Care we will be looking at the work UNICEF does for less fortunate children and what we can do to help.  I found some anazing resources on the Australian UNICEF website to use including some truely beautiful photostories.  UNICEF Australia have pinterest boards which can be found here.  They have awesome fundraising ideas as well as some just plain amazing links.  Hopefully the children will be interested in it and want to learn more about advocacy and how they can help others! 

I have recently been ‘conned’ into becoming a leader at my former Ranger Guide unit.  I know the leader there well and saw her back in September and she was like ‘please’ …we need someone else.  So since then I have been um-ing and ah-ing and last Sunday I decided that I would say yes and go back.  Its been nearly 8 yrs since I was last involved with Girl Guides, but it feels like nothing has changed, except the girls in the unit.  So here begins another interesting journey in my life (and a lot more pinteresting pins and posts)