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Hawaii 5-0


I have just gotten home from my vacay to Hawaii.



And all I can say is O M G!

Here is a photo of Diamond Head at Sunset from the Moana Surfrider Hotel

Diamond Head from Moana Surfrider Hotel, Waikiki

Diamond Head from Moana Surfrider Hotel, Waikiki


I have planned my next trip back already. Next time for Volcanos, Surfing and Sun Tanning.

Pinterest was an amazing resource while I was planning this trip.  There were so many tips and tricks that I used both for packing and organising my trip.  I made a whole board dedicated to this vacation.  I used it to pin shopping that I wanted to do, places to do, travel books.  There are also some packing tips that appear on my board titled Travel.

The best ideas for packing are on the travel board.  I actually too hiking shoes this time, which is generally something I would never do, I usually take ballet flats and pluggers (flip flops).  So I thought I should actually pack them so they don’t get dirt on my actual clothes.  I saw this pin on Real Simple, and decided to put all my shoes in shower caps.  It worked a treat!  I bought a pkt of 6 for $2 at the cheap store as well as collected some from a hotel that I had stayed at a little while ago.

This is what my shoes ended up looking like

Shower Cap Shoes

Shower Cap Shoes

I also gave this a go with my earrings, from over at The Travel Writers Life, I don’t have any photos (sorry) but the buttons I had that were from a jar of my Granny’s old buttons didn’t really work.  They are really old and were rounded on the back not flat.  The idea is really great, but I will be getting some different buttons before I try it again.

Now I have long hair, well not as long as it used to be, but still…

I HATE losing my hair pins, especially when I am away! So when I cam across this idea I fell in LOVE!  It comes from over at Simply Frugal and it is the best idea for storing hair pins.  I don’t normally use tic tacs (i’m more of a gum girl) but for this project I was more than happy to give up the gum for a little bit.  I decorated mine in a little more of an entertaining fashion because the sticker didn’t come off to well.  I used some of the Scotch Duct Tape, that is now available here in Australia, to decorate the outside of the container.

This was the final result and I think it looks pretty great!

Hair Pin Holder

Hair Pin Holder

I also found this outfit that I loved and managed to pull off on the flight over to Hawaii.  Again I don’t have a photo but this is the link, and the outfit looks super cute 🙂 This is the link over at Polyvore.

Well I have to figure out groceries for the next few days as we are having a long weekend for Labour day on Monday! Woohoo!

Have a great weekend!


And here comes the fashionista…


I am slowly but surely starting to get ready for a vacation to Hawaii in September.

I have started a board on Pinterest specifically for the vacay.  I found this outfit while looking around the other day and thought it would be a super cute option for a day in Waikiki.  I managed to find a similar shirt at Big W, for a fraction of the price of the one in the picture.  I paid $15 for it! and it looks basically the same.  So I was a bit chuffed at saving nearly $70 to get the same look.  Now that is what I call BARGIN shopping!.  Now just to find some bargin jean shorts.  I have my eye on some at Glassons, but they will have to wait until next Thursday night for payday.

A productive Pinterest day


Today was super productive for trying out some pinterest ideas, one of which I have been wanting to try for a little while now.

As the summer goes on, it is getting much harder to think about ideas for meals, especially dinner.  In the search for a dinner menu last night I remembered that I pinned a veggie burger that would nice to try for a change to the usual dinner menus.  This recipe has again come from my favourite, Martha Stewart and you can find the link here.  I thought they were a bit sloppy after I added the egg and put them on the BBQ to cook.  But they seemed to have worked fine and generally stayed the shape I made them.  The cheese in them gave them a great flavour and they will certainly be on my list of foods to make again.  On the website it suggests to serve them in a burger with avocado, but these ones were served with a salad.


Earlier that morning I tried out some new nail polishes that my brother had given me for Christmas.  I used the darker one by Revlon called Midnight to start with and it looked great! But then I thought to myself, why don’t I try to do a stripe using sticky tape, with the orange one Marmalade also by Revlon, like I have seen on pinterest.  There are HEAPS of ideas on my board called Nails and Polish. The colours together look amazing, but later in the afternoon they ended up a bit smudged because of the heat (it was 39.5C/102F here yesterday) and the humidity.  I took a photo of when they were just finished and I think they looked pretty good if I do say so myself!

Striped Nail Polish