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And so this is Christmas – Part 2


Today is Boxing Day (WOOHOOOOOOOO)…which is feel is the equivalent of Black Friday sales.  I have chosen to avoid them this year.

I have finally mustered enough energy to write the 2nd post of the 2 part holiday special.

Taking up where I left off, bought some Egg Nog last year, never having had it before and it turns out that I love it! So this year I bought some more, this time they had cinnamon flavour available too…now i didn’t like this as much as the regular Egg Nog, but all can be forgiven.  I have used these in a couple of recipes in the last couple of weeks.  First I made this Egg Nog Coffee Cake through a link to Mandy’s Recipe Box.  Now I did a couple of things different.  I used a tub of plain chobani 0% yoghurt instead of the sour cream, and i didn’t realise at the time I made it you are supposed to put it in the fridge for a while.  I wanted cake then and there so that didn’t happen….It still worked fine and was a hit with everyone!

Egg Nog Coffee Cake - pre baking

Egg Nog Coffee Cake – pre baking

We made these tiles a couple of days before we closed for the holidays.  Now the idea for these are all over pinterest.  I used Mod Podge to seal them then sprayed them with a can of acrylic to make sure they were fine to use with water as coasters.  The washi tape was on sale at Officeworks, I think I got it for about 70c -90c from a bin near the registers.  The red stars on the white background were much more popular than I anticipated!  Here is a couple of shots of the final products.

Here is a list with links to a few of the other recipes that I have used over the last few days

Maple Cinnamon Nuts

Bacon, Scallion and Caramelized Onion Dip

Martha Stewart – Classic French Toast

Ice-cream Christmas Cake

Pancetta and Sage Stuffing Muffins (we did ours in a loaf tin though)

Raspberry Frost Sodas

A couple of non consumable links are my present wrapping idea and my gift tags.  The gift tags that I used were just so cute.  They are from over at Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night. And there are so many more styles than the ones I used.  I also use washi tape and brown paper to wrap my presents.  I don’t have a link to the exact site where I got the idea from, here are 2 website that have similar ideas.  The first is Curbly and the wash tape idea is at number 2 and the second is this photo over at Flickr.

So between all these ideas and the gift tags this was the end product.

My gift wrapping for 2013

My gift wrapping for 2013

I’m not sure where we would have been without Pinterest this year.  It has certainly made this holiday season MUCH MUCH easier.

So from my family to yours, I hope you have had a very merry and blessed holiday season.



Pumpkin Slime and Gummi Bears


Today was a pupil free day at school, so that meant a vacation care day for me at work.  I wanted to have something entertaining for the kids as it is just a one off day.  So I picked a couple activities that I found a little while ago and put on my Ideas for Work board.  This board has a few of my work colleagues can also pin onto this board which allows us to make programing much much easier!

I wanted a bit of a science theme for todays activities as we had a LOT of boys coming today, and some for the 1st time.  We started with the Pumpkin Slime.  Take a look at the recipe over at Growing a Jeweled Rose.  I’m not sure what we did but ours didn’t work like the recipe said it would.  So I added Borax until it did.  The end result was great.  The boys really got into it and I sent home the left overs home in cups for them.  The pumpkin spice that was in it was a nice change to the glue smell that you usually get with this type of recipe.   Photos to come as they are still at school.


The other activity I did with the kids today was Gummi Bear Science. This particular set of science experiments is from over at Science for Kids.  This one comes with a Freebie on TeachersPayTeachers,  this is the link for it please head on over to get it to help with your experiment.

This and other similar posts have been really popular on Pinterest over the last few weeks.  I pinned this one ages ago but it seems to have had a spike in popularity.  I will find out how well this works in the morning, but so far it seems to be working well. The kids were great when we were doing all of the initial hypothesising and setting up the experiment, and they were especially keen to keep an eye on them for the rest of the afternoon.  Two cherubs were super keen to fill in the bar graphs and they will be able to complete the 2nd set of data tomorrow as they will both be at After School Care.

Stay tuned for tomorrow to see how the experiment turns out 🙂


Hawaii 5-0


I have just gotten home from my vacay to Hawaii.



And all I can say is O M G!

Here is a photo of Diamond Head at Sunset from the Moana Surfrider Hotel

Diamond Head from Moana Surfrider Hotel, Waikiki

Diamond Head from Moana Surfrider Hotel, Waikiki


I have planned my next trip back already. Next time for Volcanos, Surfing and Sun Tanning.

Pinterest was an amazing resource while I was planning this trip.  There were so many tips and tricks that I used both for packing and organising my trip.  I made a whole board dedicated to this vacation.  I used it to pin shopping that I wanted to do, places to do, travel books.  There are also some packing tips that appear on my board titled Travel.

The best ideas for packing are on the travel board.  I actually too hiking shoes this time, which is generally something I would never do, I usually take ballet flats and pluggers (flip flops).  So I thought I should actually pack them so they don’t get dirt on my actual clothes.  I saw this pin on Real Simple, and decided to put all my shoes in shower caps.  It worked a treat!  I bought a pkt of 6 for $2 at the cheap store as well as collected some from a hotel that I had stayed at a little while ago.

This is what my shoes ended up looking like

Shower Cap Shoes

Shower Cap Shoes

I also gave this a go with my earrings, from over at The Travel Writers Life, I don’t have any photos (sorry) but the buttons I had that were from a jar of my Granny’s old buttons didn’t really work.  They are really old and were rounded on the back not flat.  The idea is really great, but I will be getting some different buttons before I try it again.

Now I have long hair, well not as long as it used to be, but still…

I HATE losing my hair pins, especially when I am away! So when I cam across this idea I fell in LOVE!  It comes from over at Simply Frugal and it is the best idea for storing hair pins.  I don’t normally use tic tacs (i’m more of a gum girl) but for this project I was more than happy to give up the gum for a little bit.  I decorated mine in a little more of an entertaining fashion because the sticker didn’t come off to well.  I used some of the Scotch Duct Tape, that is now available here in Australia, to decorate the outside of the container.

This was the final result and I think it looks pretty great!

Hair Pin Holder

Hair Pin Holder

I also found this outfit that I loved and managed to pull off on the flight over to Hawaii.  Again I don’t have a photo but this is the link, and the outfit looks super cute 🙂 This is the link over at Polyvore.

Well I have to figure out groceries for the next few days as we are having a long weekend for Labour day on Monday! Woohoo!

Have a great weekend!

Book Week – Read across the Universe


Tomorrow is the conclusion of Book Week at my school which means it is Parade Day!

This years theme is Read across the Universe and the children and teachers have been encouraged to dress to the space theme. I don’t have to dress up, but I like to get into the action of it, and the kids love that I do.

I decided to go for a mask so I can go out during the day if I need to. I found the perfect mask when I looked on Pinterest for some Space Halloween ideas over at Spoonful, which is associated with Disney.

I couldn’t find the green foam for the mask so I went with purple, which I feel is still a little spacey. Here is a photo of what the finished product looks like, hopefully it will be a hit with the kids.


(The photo won’t load at the moment so I will give it another go tomorrow)


Lots of Pinteresting……


So since Friday I have competed 4 Pinterest projects. Today is Sunday.  I think that would have to be my record!

On Friday at school I made use of the 50% off and got some sturdy containers to make some better quality glue sponges.  I learnt some neat tricks off Mr Greg over at Kindergarten Smorgasbord, of spritzing the sponges with a little water to keep them moist.  I’m not 100% sure about his Listerine idea, personally I would just dump the sponges and start again.  Here are a couple of pictures of the glue sponges, I am off to get some Elmers glue tomorrow to finish them off as my glue has gone yuck.

Glue Sponge - before

Glue Sponge – before


Glue Sponges – after


My next little trail was sewing some old guide badges together to make them easier to sew onto my never started but long thought about camp blanket.  I didn’t pin it but I found it while I was trawling around for camp swaps.  If I come across it again I will put the link up.  So I’m 99.9% sure this is the blog where I found it, it seems pretty familiar.  This is how my badges looked/turned out.

Stage 1 and 2

Stage 1 and 2

Final Product

Final Product

Tonight I cracked out 2 Pinterest project.  The first was a Warm Potato Salad courtesy of Martha Stewart.  It was such a nice dish to eat on a cold night.  I served it with roasted beets and supermarket roast chicken.  Simple but delicious!  The goats cheese mixed through gave the salad a creamy dressing that is so much better than what Mayo is in a potato salad.  I will be interesting to eat the left overs tomorrow for lunch to see what it is like.

Warm Potato Salad

Warm Potato Salad

Project 2 is REFRIGERATOR OATMEAL!  I know is a bit cold at the moment to be thinking about cold summer type oatmeal, but its always fun to think about new things to eat at breakfast, especially when you don’t eat it that often.  I found my recipe here, at the Yummy Life.

Refrigerator Oatmeal

Refrigerator Oatmeal


Refrigerator Oatmeal ready to go!

There are 6 initial recipes and then another post with another 8 recipes.  I chose the apple and cinnamon one.  It is always one of my favourite flavours.  I am planning to have it for breakfast in the morning.  If I remember to take it to school with me.  As you can see my coffee jar has come in handy once again.  I can’t wait to try it in the morning!

Well it’s time for bed as another week begins.  The last week of term! 5 days until its sleep-ins, early finishes and exciting times!


Wow! What a week!



It has been a bit on an intense week here and this week looks to be just as amazing!  We were, however, lucky enough this past weekend to have a long weekend/public holiday yesterday for the Queen’s Birthday.  So happy birthday Queen Elizabeth! and thanks for the well earnt day off!

So why was last week intense I hear you ask??  Well….it was because it RAINED…nearly the whole week.  Which means no play out side which equals hyped up after school care kids (and now for nearly the whole weekend too :()

Wednesday was my absoloute highlight of the week.  I was out at the store during teh day, getting some lunch stuff whe my friend rings to ask if I can take over the prep class for the rest of the day while their teacher goes home sick.  Not a problem I say! then it starts.  The rain that is.  All through 2nd sessions, then through lunch.  It looked like it was going to be fine enough to go out for normal pick up.  I’m outta the classroom and headed up to the pick-up area.  Then comes the dreaded call ‘excuse me parents and teachers, today will be classroom pick up!’ ARGHHHH my one hate on rainy days.  Knowing that I didn’t have enough staff  quite cover whileI waited for parents I mushed all the children I had been teaching that day into the classroom of a 10 week substitute teacher, who has been here 2 weeks, and does not really know how to take me at all!

So i can now hear you saying….’Ok that’s enough ranting’ what have you been doing on Pinterest?’  Well that is kinda where the rant comes in. I felt so guilty about doing a dump and run of the kids I wanted to get a little something for the poor teacher to say thanks for dealing with nearly 50 kids that afternoon.  I have seen a few cute sayings that people have printed out and created to give to teachers especially on teacher appreciation day and for end of year and for the start of the school year.  Actually the list I have seen these for is pretty endless.

I remembered seeing one saying ‘You’re a Lifesaver’ and having it attached to a pack of lifesavers.  I thought that was pretty cute, so I went with it. I pinned only last week or the week before a tutorial on how to make those cute little tags yourself on Word.  That tutorial is over at Just a Girl and her Blog.  Useing Abby’s instructions I was able to create some super ‘You’re a Lifesaver’ tags, which I then attached to the roll of lifesavers and gave to the teacher.  The teacher, Ben, was supper appreciateive and I think it made his day (especially seeing as he is so new to our school commnity and doesn’t really know anyone!)

I didn’t  take a picture of the final product before I took it down to the classroom, but I am hoping to put the sheet up here as a freebie. i have a picture of what it looks like though.  I just have to figure out how to do it as it will be the 1st freebie I have posted in conjunction with my blog.  Once I figure that out I will be pinning it on Pinterest so be on the look out!  The digital background is from Clever Chamleon and the font is from Krista Wallden from clever clips.  They are all free downloads.  If you are not signed up for Teachers pay Teachers here is a link.  It is free to sign up and there are heaps of great freebies, including digital paper.  Click on this link or the picture for you pdf Freebie!  You’re a Lifesaver

You're a lifesaver tags

You’re a lifesaver tags

Superhero Week


I have named this week superhero week after the sewing project that I have been doing for school.  I came across these Superhero masks on Cutesy Crafts when I first started pinning, almost a whole year ago.  But I have never really had the time to make them between work, post grad study and sport.  So during my staycation this week from work, I made the effort to crack out some craft/DIY that I have been wanting to do for a little while.  I got the felt from work one day during the week when I went to interview a new employee, who didn’t show up (how rude!).  So I gathered all the felt and printed the outlines off to bring home and do.  I cracked out 4 that afternoon and only have 2 left to cut out (Thor and Captain America) and I have to sew Iron Man.  But here are some photos of the masks so far.  My brother had one taken as Hulk, but its on his phone not mine, so I don’t think I’ll ever see that one again.

Mill-verene...my Dog millie as a beautiful model!

Mill-verene…my Dog millie as a beautiful model!

Superhero Masks

Superhero Masks