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Happy Early Earth Day


Just to start I want to by sending a shout out to all the people who have been affected by the bombings in Boston, and the explosion in West.  They are devastating events.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in those communities as they try to rebuild and move on.  I am forever grateful that none of my friends and their families who live in Boston have been affected. ❤


Today we have started celebrating Earth Day a few days early  so we can fit in all the craft and cooking activities that we have planned.  We also need to make sure we have time to honour the Anzac’s before an after Anzac Day on Thursday. Lots to do this week!

This morning we began with a little bit of baking.  I had found a pin that had 20 earth day activities on it, some craft, some cooking, some other stuff…… but anyways, it linked to this page at A Night Owl.  Which had all the links available.  One that caught my eye was the link that was to instructions on how to make earth cupcakes. It linked to here at Bird on a Cup Cake.  So pop on over and have a look at the instructions for them!  I had some cupcake mixes left over from St Patricks day when we didn’t get to do the cooking I had planned :(.  So I thought this was a great way to use them up!

I had a few helpful helpers this morning who were keen to get in and get baking as cooking in the morning is a bit of a novelty.  I am pleased to say that the mini earths look amazing (and don’t taste that badly either!).  The school bell has just rung for lunch so I am off to hang out with the teachers!

Mini Earth Cakes

Mini Earth Cakes