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Birthday week..


My Birthday has come and gone, but the celebrations still continue.  I am celebrating with some of the work ladies this coming week, even though my Birthday was technically nearly a week ago!  It was an ‘oh’ birthday so I was lucky enough to get Tiffany’s from my family, plus a few other tit bits.

My day started with a pinterest idea I had shown my mum ages ago.  I woke up to find balloons hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen.  LOVE IT!  Then I had an amazing lunch Wagamama’s which I have been waiting 12 mths to have (long story and not really interesting).  The Chicken Katsu was AMAZING and I will be looking for a recipe to re-create it at home.

But for the most important part of the day was my birthday cake.  I made a polka dot cake which I got from here.  It took a while to figure out how to make the cake pops properly.  I have a whole bunch of photos which I will put up tomorrow. I figured that the cake, being vanilla needed a bit of flavour.  I had seen a recipe for a Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting with a chocolate cake a little while ago and figured this would be a nice subtle flavour to put with the cake to give it just a little somethin somethin.  And boy I was right! The frosting was a hit with everyone, especially with some of my teaching friends at school…the process was a little involved, because I made the Salted Caramel, but it payed off.  I took the caramel a little too far, so it was a tad burnt, but I think if it hadn’t been you would not have tasted much of the caramel at all.

I was going to make some scones that I found today, but the strawberries were a bit gross looking at the store when I went.  So I’ll leave those for another day!.

Tonight though I finished off a pair of lace topped socks to wear with my boots now that it is getting a little cooler.  The look HOT and I think I might even try it with different coloured lace next time as I have white on white at the moment.

Tomorrow there will be another post as I am making dinner from a recipe I found.  The weekly planning of food is really working well.  Have I mentioned we are doing that?? I will have to read my posts and if not I’ll let you know about it too 🙂


A productive Pinterest day


Today was super productive for trying out some pinterest ideas, one of which I have been wanting to try for a little while now.

As the summer goes on, it is getting much harder to think about ideas for meals, especially dinner.  In the search for a dinner menu last night I remembered that I pinned a veggie burger that would nice to try for a change to the usual dinner menus.  This recipe has again come from my favourite, Martha Stewart and you can find the link here.  I thought they were a bit sloppy after I added the egg and put them on the BBQ to cook.  But they seemed to have worked fine and generally stayed the shape I made them.  The cheese in them gave them a great flavour and they will certainly be on my list of foods to make again.  On the website it suggests to serve them in a burger with avocado, but these ones were served with a salad.


Earlier that morning I tried out some new nail polishes that my brother had given me for Christmas.  I used the darker one by Revlon called Midnight to start with and it looked great! But then I thought to myself, why don’t I try to do a stripe using sticky tape, with the orange one Marmalade also by Revlon, like I have seen on pinterest.  There are HEAPS of ideas on my board called Nails and Polish. The colours together look amazing, but later in the afternoon they ended up a bit smudged because of the heat (it was 39.5C/102F here yesterday) and the humidity.  I took a photo of when they were just finished and I think they looked pretty good if I do say so myself!

Striped Nail Polish