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Superhero Week


I have named this week superhero week after the sewing project that I have been doing for school.  I came across these Superhero masks on Cutesy Crafts when I first started pinning, almost a whole year ago.  But I have never really had the time to make them between work, post grad study and sport.  So during my staycation this week from work, I made the effort to crack out some craft/DIY that I have been wanting to do for a little while.  I got the felt from work one day during the week when I went to interview a new employee, who didn’t show up (how rude!).  So I gathered all the felt and printed the outlines off to bring home and do.  I cracked out 4 that afternoon and only have 2 left to cut out (Thor and Captain America) and I have to sew Iron Man.  But here are some photos of the masks so far.  My brother had one taken as Hulk, but its on his phone not mine, so I don’t think I’ll ever see that one again.

Mill-verene...my Dog millie as a beautiful model!

Mill-verene…my Dog millie as a beautiful model!

Superhero Masks

Superhero Masks